The day in Nauvo

Home again! And shit it's soooo freaking cold outside!! After 5 minutes I couldn't even feel my nose. :o And many people had problems with their microcars.

As usual me and Amppu arrived to nauvo at 11 o'clock and then we first met Vilhelm. And god we were freazing. We went to some random place called södra, it's some market place, and there was a fan heater, but it didn't help so much. After a while some others came, Emil, Matilda, Mishu, Reinhold, Petter, Fredrik, Kevin etc. and we just chilled the rest of the time. Sometimes at Emils place and sometimes in the house near the ice-skateing place or in seo :D And I just have to say, that I bet that some of you had drunk something... something else than water :P
Anyway at 8 o'clock we took the bus home again :D

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