Linda Vainio 14, and already half naked pics ?

I just read on the internet about this 14 year old finnish girl. She's so young but she's already posing half naked, and that made people like freak out. They commented that she's way too young and that her mum must be some freak when she called her own dother sexy etc. So they had to delete her pics.

My opinion?...  I think that yes, she's young, but if this is what she wants then why do other people care about that? Maybe it's a little bit too much, posing topless, but if you can't see anything improperly then it's maybe okay... or I don't really know, what to think about this, but most of the people are totally against this. And some others, mostly guys of course are already waiting for porn of her.. ? :O WTF that's crazy!

Her model pics:

More information:

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  1. Well I thing this is not good...

    I'm turning 13 in June and I can actually still call my self a child. I can't even thing of being a model after one year....

    Like she's not a adult yet... I could actually still call her a child...

    I'm from Finland and I can't believe that they actually let a child model...

  2. i dnt understand this language but im 14 shes hotttttthotohotohotohotohot