The waterpipe experiment...


The Christmas tree is still in our livingroom :P
Of course we took some lame pics :P
...that failed :p Maybe this waterpipe thing isn't really our thing :P First we forgot to put water in the glas thing and we just sat there wondering why it didn't work. Then we had to change the coal twice because we thought it had died away, but it hadn't. And then we realised that the taste was gone. And then it didn't come out nearly any smoke so we poured off some water of the glas pot but it didn't help. So we put the water back. Ahaha, I don't think that you understood anything about that, but the main thing was that the waterpipe thing failed, I think :D And now it smells waterpipe in the whole house. Anyway, we have to try it again  some other time! :P
And, we didn't even watch Titanic, just 20min of it, because we were just experimenting with the pipe :P
Now I'm feeling a little bad so I think I'm going to bed and rest a little :(

5 kommenttia:

  1. who is that ugly brunette girl? :OOOOOO

  2. Wtf?! She's one of my best friends and she's amazingly beautiful

  3. Sofa e ju fan int ful? Har du en ip adress? :D Ja kan kolla varifrån den där typen e isåfall! ;)

  4. ummm...WTF??? why are people commenting so rude comments?? :o

  5. yea thats me, and i think you should go and look in the mirror before you write something like that. I mean how old are you? 4?