"hi sexy where are you from?"

"Dance for me shakira", "Oh my god how beautiful", " You wanna buy papyrus?", "Hey blondie nice style", "Let me see your eyes baby","How many camels for your daughter?"

Those were the most common sentenses in Egypt. Even if I liked the egyptians, some people just crossed the line... -.-' It was nice to talk with them, about normal things, without touching, but on the street it was just impossible. All turned crazy when they saw girls with mini shorts and a top and blonde hair. And on the street I didn't see like any women, just men all the time...

But besides that we all loved Egypt and we will go there to the exactly same place as soon as possible, maybe before the summer if there are any places left on the plane or in the hotel.

I also got many new friends beause they were sooooo social and friendly and they came and talk just like that. I love the culture in Egypt. And they were smiling like all the time and made us other smile too (: <3

Sorry for misspellings don't have time to check

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  1. oii vitsi endå (: lyckost som slipper ti såndä underbara paikkan<3 vill o ^^ men typ slipper ti thailand först om 8 år, då mamma fyller 50 -.- lol....