Jogging with my new clothes and stuff

Now I'm going out jogging before I have to continue packing.
As Christmas gift I also got new outdoor running clothes and a heart rate monitor. I've already tried them once and I loved them (: It's so much more fun going out jogging or training when you wear clothes you like. And the heart rate monitor is awesome, it makes the training easier when you can follow the effectiveness of the training and you can se how many calories you have lost (I don't know yet how but I've heard that you can). 

Adidas Running Jacket, windstopper
Price: 99.00€
From: Intersport

Haglöfs Running Pants, windstopper
Price: 139.00€
From: Intersport

Black Heart rate monitor
Price: 118.00€
From: Intersport

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  1. Juu man kan! De e dagens blogg! :DMan blir liksom länkad på bloggen...