I'm totally addicted !

I just watched 4 episodes of desperate housewives without pauses! Well it's not that much, my record is 7 episodes :P One episode is 40min I don't know why I can't stop watching it. When I go downstairs and turn on the tv to watch ONE episode I always fail it. I just can't turn off the tv, I turn on the next episode instead.

And this is the last season, I can't believe it. Who is so stupid to end a serie that is making so much money and soo many people are totally in love with desperate housewives. I'm not going to survive without it. Well if we are trying to make anything positive about this... I could say that now I will maybe start doing something more importante than watching tv. Even if desperate housewives really is importante I think there is maybe things that could be even more importante. But that's just a maybe.
I don't really use to watch so much tv, I'm more like a computer person :P hah, but this serie is a exeption.
And btw, I'm a huge fan of Eva Longoria, just thought you would like to know :D And I've heard somewhere that she's making 250 000 dollar on one episode... I would not mind getting that money...

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