WHYY can't the time go faaastteeer

It's only 16 days until Egypt, 13 days until the new year, 6 days until Christmas, 3 days until the christmas holiday, 2 days until the christmas party thing at school. So please why can't the time go a liittle faster?
Btw I've not yet even fixed my dress but I think I've to wait until tomorrow when my mum comes home from Slovakia so I could ask her to help me because I'm not going to make it by my own.

Today I had a reaally chill day with nothing importante to do and I enjoyed it. Sometimes you just need a whole day to relax. But tomorrow I've to go with Mattan to the city and shop some gifts and stuff and in the morning I reallyreally have to go jogging. And ofcourse I have to fix my dress and plan what else i'll be wearing on monday... And I've not even cleaned my whole room yet so I have to finnish it tomorrow also. So, I'll have pretty much to do (: but I'm going to sleep soon, so bye, blog to you tomorrow<3
I'm sorry for the retarded pic but you can't expect too much from a tired girl without make-up :D

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