So here are nearly all my clothes that I will take with me besides some scarfs, hats and jackets. Haha, the bad thing about a big suitcase is that you automatically pack with you waayy too much stuff :D:D And I have to save space for all the shopping (; Well I'm not sure if I will buy so much because my mum says I already have so much.. -.-' Anyway I hope I will find something nice in Egypt :D

I also had to take with me some jewellery and sunglasses! But I don't know how much I will use those jewellery because when you get brown by the sun, when you are wearing a bracelet for example, that place of your arm doesn't get any sun and then you have a white spot on your arm.. -.-'

So I'm almost done with the packing and that's good because we are starting tomorrow from here at 4 o'clock in the morning... How nice!
And I hope there will be a computer in the hotel so I could blog to you sometime (;

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