Highheels, love or hate?

My feet are still hurting because of my shoes -.-' And I hate it. I mean I do love walking in highheels. You feel so much prettier than normally. But if your heels are too hard with no extra comfortable soles and if they are too high and you don't normally walk with them, then it's just pain. And when your feet start to hurt you automatically start walking with your knees bent and that looks awful!
And if you have problems with your knees like me, or I had before then it's really stupid to walk with highheels because that just makes it even worse.
But the good thing about these, exept the look, the style and the feel of tidiness , is that it's really good training for your legs :D Always when I've used my highheels the whole day like 8 hours a day my legs are totally dead.

Anyway, I would really like to buy more highheels even if I don't use them normally in school. And I don't even know why because many of my friends do use them in school every day. So why couldn't I?
Well first I have to buy new comfortable shoes.. then I could start thinking about using them more often...

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