I'm sooo sorry I haven't been bloging today but I've a very good reason, it's friday night and my friends birthday so I've been out the whole evening. First after the super chill and the LAST REAL SCHOOLDAY(we just played games and watched movies) I went with Tetta,Sofa and Mattan to Coffee house. I bought a super yummy marshmallow cocoa and we just sat and chat, waiting for the clock to be 5 so we could go to red hot chilis where we had reserved a table.

When the clock finally was 5 I was STARVING so we went to red hot chilis where we had reaaalllyy much fun for like 2 hours. We ate some really tasty chicken and pommes frites meal. And I just loved the food and the whole place! It was so nice and not too sophisticated or too unhygienic like Mcdonalds or something. And ofcourse we sang happy birthday for Tetta :D

After that we went out for a while but we realised it's too cold so we went inside to Cafe Brahe. haha :DD So I have just eated this whole day! And I have to tell you something... Highheels are terrible! My legs and feet are hurting soo much after that I've walked the whole day with them. :P

Some pics of today:

Red Hot chilis toilet :D:D

 Two beautiful ladys at Coffee house (;


Happy four friends :D

And finally the fantastic video of our happy birthday song and I can't understand why Tetta is hiding in the background like our song would be embarrasing or something, because it wasn't, or was it? :D:D

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