Awesome musical show at Logomo!

You were not aload to take pics but this pic is taken BEFORE they said that :P

Damn it was nice! Awesome show! I watched the musical, Maailman ensimmäinen hevimusikaali (1827 Infernal musical), today and like I already told you it was SOOO much better than I expected! And I got the ticket for FREE!
The show was typical finnish, heavy music of course, alcohol, swearing, fighting and screaming. And there was also a lot of fire on the scene and half naked men in tight leather pants :P Ahah. The actors were also really talented and the lights and everything was just so awesome! lol I can't describe it better :D
There was just one disturbing thing, and that was that the lights were sometimes too bright, that it was impossible to look at the scene. Otherwise I enjoyed the show!
(lol, I didn't know that I like this kind of shows :P)

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