Hello, Good morning

... Hello, good morning, know you've been waiting for it, Cause I seen, you watching, so let's go, let's get it poppin... ♫ 

Todays outfit

So how has your morning been so far? Mine has been great. I'm lucky to start my schoolday at 11 o'clock on a monday morning! And then I have just 2 school subjects before I end the day. Until the end of this schoolyear. And then comes the summer♥ I can't wait!

Btw I would still have time to sleep right now, but I can't. Because an electrician is drilling downstairs and in the kitchen, and the drill is deffinitely not quiet! So I'm bloging instead and trying to fight the drill noice with my music :D haha hope the electrician don't mind :P

An other reason why this morning has been so great is that I made a new visitor record yesterday :) Thanks to you people!

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