Early to sleep

Aww :) how wonderful wouldn't that be?
Today I'm going early to sleep, I will just watch one episode of desperate housewives and then I will go to bed. At 22 o'clock I have to start sleeping, atleast at 22.30. I've slept too little these last weeks and I've been saying like every day that now I have to go to sleep early and blabla but I've never done that -.- But today I have to!

Btw I never told you about my day today. So, after school I went to the city and there I met a friend and we went to Coffee House. And he bought me a chocolate cappuccino :P We just sat and talked and then Aake and Donja joined us after a while :D
And hmm I've not done anything else today I think... or yes, I had a training today with Hanna and it went pretty well even if I haven't eaten nearly anything today :P

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