Night bloging...

I'm just so freaking tired right now. I've been up doing some f*cking German project for f*ucking 5 hours now, and it's still not done. Of course I've been doing other things aswell, like beeing on facebook, but still, most of the time I've been doing on that project because it has to be done before 00.00 today! I have to send it by e-mail to my teacher... super awesome. So now I've got 10 min to get it done, STRESS! Okay I have to just stop whining now and get back to the powerpoint project!!

4 kommenttia:

  1. omg, de e ju jaag ! :D jeij <3 pånytt sen på sommarn ;)

  2. fonten på powerpointen sku vara 12 !!!! fuskare !!!

  3. öh? va? sku dn int muka va 14 ? ;O