Shopping shopping shopping :D

After school today I went with Mattan buying a present for Elin who's turning 16 tomorrow (; And we are going out to eat pizza, to Dennis :D Anyway as you can guess we found a loooot of sexy things, in hm eg... and in an other store (; But I'll tell you more about that later :D

 When the others left I bought some nice things before I also went home. Btw I've suddenly started to like those boyfriend style jeans. I don't know why. But I really have to buy that kind of jeans some day.

Net shirt
From: Gina tricot
Price: 5€

Black little top
From: Gina Tricot
Price: 5€

Black Cardigan
From: H&M
Price: 19.90€

Haha lol all the clothes are black :P

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