My winter break plans (;

NO SCHOOL IN 9 DAYS! <3 Super awesome!

My plans for those 9 days are...
  • Tomorrow I'll probably go to Nauvo, if my mum let me go. I hope I can because I really want to, I need a party, to cheer up a little bit. If I go I'll be back on sunday :)
  • On Monday I'm going with my family (not dad because his working) to meet my grandparents, and on our way we'll stop at two different places and go down-hill skiing. And then I will be back on friday I think. Those days = no internet ! 
  • On Saturday, after a week, I have to do on a school project with Vivian 
  • And then some day, don't know yet when I'll go with my friend Janette to the cinema and watch love and other drugs or Burlesque :D
Hiding behind Stella :D

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