My rings part 3/4

Here are my "black and metal" collection, and nearly all of them are again from Glitter :D I just feel stupid when I think about the time when I bought this many rings :D:D Haha lol :D But a friend of mine has asked me to sell some of my rings to her and even if I don't use them anymore so much I really like to just have them.. but, if I'm smart I sell them, because there's no point with just having them, rings are pretty expencive, especially from Glitter.

19. GinaTricot
20. Glitter
21. Glitter
22. Glitter
23. Glitter
24. Glitter
25. GinaTricot (my favourite)
26. Glitter (my favourite)
27. Glitter
28. Glitter

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