Somebody who wants to help me cleaning my closet... ?

I juust arrived home from Hansa and I'm soo tired and freeezing! It's about -14 degrees celsius out there! Crazy. But anyway in the city I met a good friend of mine, Michelle from Nauvo, who came to Turku to shop some christmas gifts. After a while Mattan, Tetta and Sofa came to the city also and we chilled with them a while testing shoes and talking etc.
                                               It was fun but now I'm really tired !

But yeah the topic was that if somebody would like to help me cleaning my closet? I would be thankful for you the rest of my life because it will take like 100 hours for just me! :o I don't get why I don't ever have anything to wear even if I know that I have pretty much clothes..
I started this cleaning projekt in the morning and i thought that I could clean nearly the whole day but then Mattan called and ofcourse I wanted to go out with friends instead of beeing home cleaning!
And when I should go meeting my friends I didn't find my black leggings so ofcourse I had to search them from the clothe mound and ofcourse they were under everything and now my room looks like the second pic.. so freaking great -.-'

2 kommenttia:

  1. du e s¨söt :D hur går det nu med städandet? öööh de e sen jontte fast de står harriet :D

  2. De e min mamma :D

    HAhah det gick förvånande bra för mej när ja gjorde de för en vecka sen:D Hej int har du väl fundera allt för mycke på de jag sa igår? Kunde du sova ;)