My rings part 2/4

Soo, here are my "blingbling" rings : D And the most of them are from Glitter, a nice little store with just jewellery. Glitter was one of my favourite shops a half year ago when I had that crazy ring freak period :D
And I'm still sorry for not remembering the prices just some of them, like nr. 13 and 18 costed 17€ and nr 10 costed 6€.. but the rings from H&M, have the prices between 5€ - 10€ and Glitters prices is much higher, from 10€ to 25€. 

9. Glitter
10. H&M
11. H&M
12. Glitter
13. Glitter
14. Glitter
15. H&M
16. Glitter
17. Glitter (my favourite)
18. Glitter

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