Yeyy , NO MORE SCHOOL<3 After the booring church I went to the city with Sofa and some other people, and as usual I went with her to coffee house. And we ordered a marshmallow cocoa<3 I think I'm in love with those. And we sat there for nearly 2 hours just talking about everything, EVERYTHING.  Hihi I'm so lucky to have you<3

And then we also met Mattan, Elin and Rebbu :D

I'm hidinig behind my new big crush :D

Ahah like nobody were looking at us like wtf when we suddenly stand up and started taking pics in the middle of the hall.. :D:P

And in the city I also met Mipsus dad who gave me my and Mattans christmas presents from mipsu :D And I really love these pink socks! Thank you so much Mipsu<3

Right now I'm just enjoying my holiday and eating cookies, haha :D And later today I will probably go out and have fun with my friends (:

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