TJING magazine

Some weeks ago I made this magazine, named Tjing, with Vivian. It was a school project and I promised to show it to you when it's done :) So here it is:
(We got 9½ and 10 is the best so pretty nice! )

I think that our magazine turned out really nice, even if it first seemed hard to make it. And it was pretty much job to do but we didn't mind because we had so much fun doing this. How amazing woudn't it be to some day have an own magazine?! The answere to the question: It would be megasuper freaking awesome! And I've always liked writing, mostly in swedish though, and well then in english of course :P So starting and own magazin some day would be like.. hmm, a little dream? :)

The second pic, of me, is quite... hmm :P

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