Followed by a black car ;OOOO

omg, 5 minutes ago when I was walking home from the city a man in a little black car stared at me a very long time. well that didn't bother me, but it started bothering me when he pulled in to the side and asked me to jump in to his car and join him and go for a drink! And when I said no and walked past him he started driving after me and in every crossing he slowed down and stopped the car in front of me, on the zebra-crossing and asked me again and kept saying "don't be scared" and "come over here, I've something to say" WTF?! After a while I thought he was gone, but no, when I was almost at home I saw the car again and he waved at me to come over. But I took an other way, thru some bushes, so after a while he lost me :D
But it was scary... :s

Well anyway, I'm fine now, I didn't get raped and the reason why I even went to the city at this time was because I wanted to meet Matilda, from Nauvo :D We chilled in Hese and outside, just talking and gossiping :) It was nice to meet you, after a long time. I've not been to Nauvo for a while now.

3 kommenttia:

  1. man borde slå såndä helvetes pedofiler på käften o släng dom i fängelse... jäkla äckel... murrr >:|
    : cassu
    grr... dom e dumma... yök. bara de int hände någo me diiig <3 :))

  2. haha ÄLÄ ! :D
    men ja e nog okej, om han sku ha rört mj sku ja nog ha använt alla mina fotis kunskaper o sparka honom så hårt ja kan på hans ömmaste pungt :D hihi ;)<3

  3. ja läste "hans ömmaste pung" x)