N A U V O !

So now I'm home again, and once again the day was awesome. Hihi<3
We arrived with Amppu to Nauvo at 11 o'clock and first we met Reinhold and then we met the others, Petter, Vilhelm and Max. First we chilled in the "city" and then we went to Vilhelms place, because it was so cold outside, and then Julia and Janne joined us. We played some shooting game, of course Black ops, and it was... not our thing, me and amppu died like immediately, all the time :P
Anyway after a while I went to Reinholds place while the others went back to the city. At 7 o'clock my dad picked us up and we drived home :D And now I'm so tired, but thanks everybody for the amazing day (;<3

Sry for nearly no pics, but I totally forgot to take any :PP I promise you will get more pics next time !(;

Playing Black Ops

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