Good Morning snowflakes !

The first thing I did when I woke up was putting on eric saade - manboy on youtube, and after that eric saade - Break of dawn , haha :D I didn't even know that he exicted before Sofa wrote about him in her blog, and now I'm in love :)

And my winter break plans changed again :P I don't have to go and meet my grandparents, and spend 5 days there with no internet! yey<3 I feel heartless saying that I don't want to meet them, I mean I love them, but I want to do other things this week, I can meet them some other time :P Today I'm maybemaybemaybe going to Nauvo instead and on wednesday or thursday I'll go down-hill skiing with Sofa (if she can come) to Meriteijo (:

Eric Saade

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