Welcome (:

I'm a teenage girl from Finland and I've thought about starting a blogg for like ages now but I've never had enough time or inspiration until now. Some of my friends are blogging and everytime when I see them write a new post i think: "I want to do that too!". Some of my friends have also told me that they want me to start blogging soo.. here we are (:

Reason why I write in engslish even if my mother tongues are swedish and finnish is because I've a lot of friends talking different languages and english is a language everybody understand. Also I want to learn english better so this is a good way to learn it.
I'll be bloggning about my life, freinds, hobbys, shopping trips, fashion etc, enjoy (;

2 kommenttia:

  1. Älä....jävla fjantiga snö :D Vår hund :D man så henne int för hon va täckt av snö! :)

    svara ti bloggen;)

  2. Haha jaa älä:) Titta du på den andra också?