Studying.. once again

Well today I had a pretty chill day, I started at 9.40 with dance and then I just nearly sleeped thruogh the rest of the day, hah :D And when the day was over I would have liked to go to the city with my friends but NO, I have to go to the spanish lesson , argh ! -.-'
Today at 18.30 I was supposed to have theater with my friend Cia but I can't go this tuesday because I got other plans(;
But now I have to go studying to our finnish test , how funny ! ..or not.

I just don't get it why we have to study so much all the time, have all the people and teachers and parents forgot that we have a life outside school ?! I mean, who has time studying every day? But anyway I have to go now so I write to you later (:

And I almost forgot, todays outfit ! I don't know if I will be posting "todays outfit" every day, but sometimes (:

Black scarf, idk (i got it from my friend)
Beige Cardigan, Gina Tricot
Pink top, Gina Tricot
Black leggings, H&M
(+ black "mini" socks, H&M)

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