The schoolday + Red hot chilis

Tomorrow after the church starts my christmas holiday! Yey :D
Today I just sat and watched different programs and plays and I really enjoyed it (: I'm sorry for not having any good pics from todays program so I'll upload them later, maybe tomorrow (: 

After that I went quickly to the dentist and I luckely didn't have any cavities :D And then my dad drived me to the city were I met Sofa and Freddu.

We went to the red hot chilis, the same place as friday to have something to eat. We all ordered the same, some chickenburrito with salad and natchos. It was very satisfying.

While we were eating we talked about very serious things. Calories for example :D:D haha, I know it's leim to think abut ones weight too much, it's just too numbers.. but still, I don't know why it is so importante to many girls, including me.

Then because it was so dark inside red hot chilis and the pics just looked retarded we went to the toilet to take some pics:D:D

And first, in the toilet, there was a lady who looked angry at us and talked about some soap. Then an other lady  said to us: don't you have anything else to do than taking pics in a restaurant toilet??.... wtf somebody had a bad day -.-'

Sorry if I have some misspellings, don't have time to check.

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