Finally new JEANS !

The day today was wierd. I still felt bad in the morning but I went to school even that because I wanted to write the todays test, the last test this year, and then come home. But then I stayed in school for the next lesson even if I felt a little bad(don't know why) but i realised that we didn't do anything importante so I thought that maybe I can go home instead.
Then I met my friend Sofa (at school) so I went with her eating and then she didn't want to go to her next lesson, or maybe she wanted, hah don't know, but anyway she didn't go so we chilled at the school nurse room, heh :P
After that she went to her last lesson and I went to the city because I already felt better and I found some super nice jeans that I've been searching for months! Yey, love them! (: 

Blue tight jeans with low waist
Price: 39.90€
From: Only

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