The perfect medicine !

Old pic :)

I've found the perfect medicin against depression. Fresh air and amazingly perfect friends! In the morning when I woke up I felt tired and down but then, after talking with my friends the whole morning and after taking a jog outside I felt sooo much better and now i'm 100% recovered. love you :)<3
Now I'm going to get something to eat, something healthy. I also feel much more happy when I eat healthy food. Don't know why? Anyway I'm now going to eat a portion of porrige :D byyee<3
Ps. later today I'll probably go with Tetta and Sofa to the city and make this saturday even more perfect :)

Pic from Iniö :D

4 kommenttia:

  1. dendä bilden från särkänniemi där e en min kaveri XD

  2. pårikit? :D fast ja klippte bort dm andra från bilden då ja satt dn ti bloggen, tänkte att om dom kanske inte vill hamna ti näte.. :P