My saturday :D

I'm frozen! And my fingers are red and I'm having problems with writing this because I can barely move them. But about my saturday night.... first i went to the city, to meet Tetta, Sofa, Emmi and Arttu (emmis boyfriend). We chilled in Hese because nearly everything else were closed already :P Then after a while i had to go home because my mum doesn't want me to be out so "late" in the city... -.- LOL

When I came home I went right away to uittamo, to meet Max and Petter from Nauvo instead :D And god it was coold! I didn't even notice how freezing it was before I came home. Then my fingers started to like hurt because they were so cold :s And tomorrow I'll probably meet them again + maybe Vilhelm and Martin :D Haha it's nice, if my mum doesn't let me go to Nauvo, Nauvo comes to us :D

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