I hate my legs

Yes, I hate my legs -.- ... why?... because they hurt like hell. I thought my distemper/shin splints or whatever it's called already was gone, but no, I went out for a jog a while ago but it didn't went so well. I had to walk the most of the time, cause my legs wouldn't have kept me up if I had tried to run.
So I'll try to fix a time to a doctor or someone who knows something :P And I'll maybe start going to massage :) Don't know if it helps but it would be nice to try it anyway :D

Ps. Like you maybe already noticed I've made some changes to my blog. I made it a little bit lighter. It's so much more fun reading a light blog, it's more "fresh" and "happy" in some way? lol I can't explain it :P But i think you got my point :D
But I'm probably going ti change this like 100 times before I'm totally pleased.

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