Fridays vaccinaton (+ pregnancy test) ;o :D

Like I already told you I had this vaccination on friday. But I didn't have time to write anything about that so I decided to do it now. So, the vaccination went just fine. First they measured my pulse and asked a lot of questions and took a blood test. Then they also took a pregnancy test? wtf? :D First after that they did the vaccination. It was maybe a little scary first but everything went out really good (:
And btw, the pregnancy test was negative :D 

Sorry for the retarded face but it's better than the original one :D:D

Actually it didn't hurt at all, even if I first thought it would. And after that I got a chocolate plate :P

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  1. the jab for swineflue?:O i decided not to take it, cause you dont really know whats in the acutal jab, since you are injecting it directly into your blood! hey do you like england btw?:)
    oså kan du säkert svenska också? ^^