The dress is fixed !

Yey i just arrived home from the city. I was shopping some gifts with Mattan and talking about our dramatical lives :D And I borrowed her some net over knee things that she's maybe going to wear tomorrow. In the play that her class is going to have :D Haha , I can't wait to see it. And I love Mattans role in the play ::D:D It fits her perfectly:D

Anyway when I came home I saw a lovely sight. My mum had fixed my dress! yey! Even if it's still looking a little wierd i think it's okay, so I'll be wearing it tomorrow (: Now I just have to plan which shoes and what jewellery and how to put my hair.. argh.. -.-'
I will download a pick later today when I've decided everything :D And I got a lot of time because we are starting the schoolday first at 11.20 so I can be awake a loong time and sleep in the morning instead (:

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