The day :D

I don't really know why but I liked the schoolday today :D I didn't feel so tired even if I've slept just 6 hours and we had only boring lessons.
After the first lesson we didn't even have a break because we had to listen to a woman talking about something soooo not interesting things so me and Tetta took some pics instead and talked about.. hmm, well.. we were talking :DD:D

When the whole schoolday was over I went to the city with Elin and Mattan and on the way we had a lot of fun and Mattan got some hysteric laughing attack that nobody could stop and her laugh is so funny that she maked us laugh too so people were looking at us like wtf and probably thinking that we'r drunk or something. But we wasn't... or who knows? (;

And here are two freaking hot pics.. :D 
+ I'm sorry for the quality, again, because I left my camera home so i used my phone insted :P

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